Peace and Friendship Organization of Mongolia (PFOM) is a successor organization of the Mongolian Federation of Peace and Friendship Organizations (MFPFO).
Our organization is a non-governmental, non-profit public organization – a central body of public diplomacy, functioning on the voluntary basis of the self-governing principles at the founding initiatives of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), movements, societies, associations as well as other motivation organizations of civilians, scholars and researchers, public figures having the basic goal to support peace, friendship and cooperation among nations and peoples.
In the implementation of its basic goals and activities, stipulated by its Charter, our organization is acting independently, free from subordination to any political parties, pursuant exclusively to the Constitution of Mongolia, The Mongolian Law on Non-Governmental Organizations, other related laws and regulations as well as to the universal principles of international relations.
The General Assembly of the UPFM held in 2005 has identified the “Basic Guidelines of the activities of the Union for the Coming Years”. The main content of this document is, in one hand to ensure the consecutive approaches of conducting its activities relying on its over half-century work experience, property basis and human factors, to increase the scope, potentiality and output of work, to deliver the positive and negative impacts and influences of new phenomena as a globalization process, being witnessed anew under the present realities for the world peace and universal security to the public community of Mongolia. In other hand, the UPFM shall be working to unite and mobilize a peaceful and harmonious efforts and voices of the Mongolian public with the struggle and movements of the entire world nations, to contribute to the cause of shaping and consolidating the democracy, market-economy relations and civilian society, taken place in Mongolia and finally to render active support to the implementation of the Mongolian foreign policy which cherishes the open, multifaceted, peace-loving and harmonious features through the public diplomacy.