President of Peace and Friendship Organization of Mongolia

 Zagdjav Deleg


Date of birth: 1964

Place of birth: Hovd, Mongolia

Education: 1981 Highschool #1 in Hovd aimag /Mongolia/
1985 graduated in Law from the Military School of Ministry of People’s Security /Mongolia/

1999 – Institute of Public administration and Development  /Mongolia/

2000 – M.A. in Public Administration from Academy of Public administration /Mongolia/

2002 – Executive English Language Course in Singapore

2003 – Novosibirsk State University Of Economics And Management /Russia/

Academic Degree: Ph.D in Politiical Science,

Work Experience: 1985-1987 Detective at the Police Department Dornogobi Aimag, Mongolia
1987-1989 Head of Department at  Executive Committee of Congress of People’s Deputies, Mongolia

1989 – 1992 Court Member of Hovd Aimag, Mongolia

1998-2006 President- Union of Social Democratic Students

1999 – 2000 CEO of “Altai International” LLC

2000 – 2008 Governor of Han-Uul District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

State secretary of Ministry of Nature and Environment

2008 – 2012 Member of the Parliament of Mongolia, Chairman of the Provincial Administration Subcommittee

Head of Parliamentary group of Mongolia – Asia Pacific Region Countries

Head of Parliamentary group of Mongolia – Belgium

2013 elected  as the President of the Peace and Friendship Organization of Mongolia

Awards: Order of the Golden Polar Star

Mongolian People’s Revolution 80th Anniversary Commemorative Medal

Order of the Red Banner of Labour

Mongolian People’s Revolution 90th Anniversary Commemorative Medal

Proffessor of Academy of Security, Defense, Law and Order of Russia

First Vice President of Peace and Friendship Organization of Mongolia

Gurragchaa Jugderdemid

Hero of Mongolia and the Soviet Union, Mongolia’s first cosmonaut, Major General of Air Force, recipient of the Medal “For Merit in Space Exploration” and ScD in Technical Sciences.

Date of birth: December 5, 1947

Place of birth: Gurvanbulag, Mongolia

Education: High school #10 Bulgan province;

Air Force School, Frunze;

Nikolay Zhukovsky Air Force Engineering Academy, Moscow;

Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre;

Profession: Flight engineer, Cosmonaut

Work experience: Staff, junior officer in Compulsory military service of Ministry of People’s Army;

Aircraft equipment senior engineer, automatic engineer of combat jet in air squadron of Mongolian People’s Army;

Deputy Chief of Administrative Division, Central Committee, Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party;

Head of Central Council of National Defense Association of People’s Republic of Mongolia;

Deputy Chairman of State Great Khural of People’s Republic of Mongolia;

Deputy Chief, Chief of Staff,  of Air Forces Defense Command, under the command of the General Staff;

Member of Government of Mongolia, Minister of Defense and Chairman of State Commission on Emergency situations;

Member of Parliament;

Since 1990 he was Head of Central Board of Mongolian-Soviet Friendship Association, Head of Mongolian Union of Friendship Associations.

Since 2011 he is Head of Mongolian-Russian Friendship Association.

In March 14, 2013 the General Assembly of Peace and Friendship Organization of Mongolia appointed him as First Vice President of PFOM.


Vice president of Peace and Friendship Organization of Mongolia

Erdenechuluun Luvsan

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, awarded with “Golden Polaris” medal and “Honorary Medal of Labor”.

Date of birth – 1948

Place of birth – Ulaanbaatar city


1972 graduated from Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University)

1988 graduated from Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Soviet Union.

Work experience

1972-1980 Attache, Third and Second Secretary, International Organizations Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1980-1984 Second and First Secretary, Permanent Representative to the UN

1985-1990 Chief of Press and Communication Division, MFA of Mongolia

1990-1996 Deputy Permanent Representative and Permanent Representative, Permanent representative to the UN

1997-1998 Advisor to the President of Mongolia on Foreign Policy

February, 2000 Advisor to the Chairman of Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party on Foreign policy

July, 2000 Advisor to the Prime Minister of Mongolia on Foreign Policy

2000-2005 Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia

Currently Head of Mongolian-American Association and The Human Security Policy Studies Center, National Coordinator of “One stop shop” and Combating Human Trafficking Programme.

In March 14, 2013 General Assembly of Peace and Friendship Organization of Mongolia appointed him as Vice President of PFOM.


Дэлэгийн Загджав

Монголын Энх тайван, Найрамдлын Байгууллагын Ерөнхийлөгч

Жүгдэрдэмидийн Гүррагчаа

МЭТНБ-ын тэргүүн дэд ерөнхийлөгч

Лувсангийн Эрдэнэчулуун

МЭТНБ-ын дэд ерөнхийлөгч

Мэнэрэлийн Чимэдцэеэ

Монгол-Хятадын найрамдлын нийгэмлэгийн тэргүүн

Чойжилжав Дамбажав

Монгол-Энэтхэгийн найрамдлын нийгэмлэг, Монгол-Кубын найрамдлын нийгэмлэгийн тэргүүн

Цэдэндорж Энхбаяр

Монгол-Тайландын “Гаруда” нийгэмлэгийн тэргүүн

Далантай Мичка

Монгол-Кувейтын “Мон-Эль” найрамдлын нийгэмлэгийн тэргүүн

Дамбадаржаа Наранхүү

Нидерландын нийгэмлэг

Лувсанжамц Удвал

Монгол-Германы найрамдлын нийгэмлэг

Батсүх Пүрэвдоо

Монгол-Полшийн найрамдлын нийгэмлэгийн тэргүүн

Шарав Гоохүү

Монгол-Брунейн нийгмэлэгийн тэргүүн